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$250 cash scholarships will be awarded to the highest scoring soloist in each age division in the Competitive Level, only if there are at least 10 unique soloists in that age division (the same dancer competing multiple solos, will only count as one). The second place soloist will be awarded $150 and third place will receive $100 in cash scholarships. Age divisions with less than 10 soloists will still be eligible for Gift Certificates. 



Duo/Trio & All Groups

$150 cash scholarship will be awarded to one Duo/Trio, Small, Large Line/Production Group in each age division receiving the highest overall score, but only if there are at least 5 routines in that division. Some group types (small and large groups, duo/trios) may be combined to meet that minimum. Second place will be awarded $100 and third place will receive $75 in cash scholarships. Only Competitive Level routines are eligible for cash prizes. Age divisions with less than 5 entries will still be eligible for Gift Certificates. This will be at the discretion of the Competition Director.



Gift Certificates

All routines that place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Pre-Competitive Level (or Competitive Level; in the event there are less than 10 or 5 unique entries in their age division) will receive Gift Certificates to be used for our 2022 tour. Group types (small, large, line, production and duo/trios) with less than 3 entries in their age division will be combined. This will be at the discretion of the Competition Director.

1st Place - $75 Gift Certificate

2nd Place- $50 Gift Certificate

3rd Place- $25 Gift Certificate



FREE Master Classes at Every Competition

New this year Just Dance Invitational wants to continue our mission and further the education of our dancers. To pursue this we have decided to send industry professionals to your studio to teach a FREE master class! 

Video Camera
FREE Photo & Video Included!

That's right! We are now providing FREE photo & video for every registered dancer during our 2022 tour. This is included with your registration! 

New Streaming Service
Live Stream Competition

Have your friends and family watch your dancers performance at the comfort of their home! We now offer free live streaming for every city!