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Waiver and Release of Liability

By participating in Just Dance Invitational, everyone involved including the studio representatives, dancers, and spectators agree to the Waiver and Release of Liability, which can be found here.


All registrations must be submitted online one week before the first day of the competition. Entries are accepted on a first come first serve basis and will be limited to the performance time available.  Late entries will be accepted up to and including the day of competition if time permits.  

Photo & Video

For the safety of our performers, choreographers, teachers and parents the taking of photos is strictly prohibited during all performances.  Photography & Videography is also prohibited in the dressing room areas.  The use of photo and video in these areas will result in disqualification and immediate removal from the performance venue.  Photography and videography will be allowed during the awards ceremony.

General Information

  • Doors will open 30 minutes to one hour prior to the competition beginning. 

  • No food, drinks, and smoking are permissible in the competition performance area nor anywhere inside the contracted venue area. 

  • Good sportsmanship is expected at all Just Dance Invitational events from all teachers, directors, dancers, and spectators.  

  • Independent registrations are accepted on a case by case basis.

  • Dance studios may apply their own administrative fees.

  • Entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • Just Dance Invitational will allow a 15 second grace period for any routine that goes over the allotted time limit. Any routine that exceeds the 15 second grace period will be subject to a one (1) point deduction for each second past the grace period. Time and classification limitations will be strictly enforced.


  • Ballet - Primarily ballet or pointe technique, including classical steps and movements

  • Musical Theater/Character - Any routine interpreting a song from a Broadway or Movie Musical

  • Contemporary - A fusion of many jazz styles with a strong emphasis on modern technique

  • Hip Hop - Primarily hip-hop technique

  • Jazz - Primarily jazz technique, utilizing up-tempo music

  • Lyrical - A combination of jazz and ballet techniques to slow music incorporating emotional and storytelling elements

  • Open/Specialty - Consists of all other categories: ethnic, acro/gymnastics, novelty, clogging, ballroom, etc

  • Tap - Primarily tap technique. Routines demonstrating clogging technique and style may not compete in the tap category


Any routine with three or more acro passes that involve no body contact on the floor (ie. ariel, back and front handspring, back tucks, etc) will be considered an open/specialty routine. 

Types of Entries

  • Solo (1 dancer)

  • Duet/Trio (2-3 dancers)

  • Small Group (4-9 dancers)

  • Large Group (10-18 dancers)

  • Line (19-25 dancers)

  • Production (26+ dancers)

Time Limits

  • Solo - 2 min. 45 secs. max

  • Duet/Trio - 3 min. max

  • Small/Large Groups - 3 min. max

  • Line Groups - 6 min. max

  • Production - 8 min. max

Just Dance Invitational will allow a 15 second grace period for any routine that goes over the allotted time limit. Extended performance time: (up to 1:00 minute for a fee of $3.00 per performer).  Any routine that exceeds the 15 second grace period will be subject to a one (1) point deduction for each second past the grace period. Time and classification limitations will be strictly enforced. 

Dancers are expected to perform in the order of the published program, unless the competition director grants special permission or that a pre-approved change was accepted by the office prior to the competition and it has been put in writing.  Any unauthorized delay in the performance schedule will result in a 10 point deduction per judge for the specific entry making the delay.  All entries are expected to perform once.  Any entries needing to be re-performed on behalf of the performer or teacher are subject to a 3 point deduction per judge.  A tentative schedule with performance times of each act will be emailed two weeks prior to the competition.  Dancers in the first 10 acts competing should arrive in full costume including hair and make-up ready to perform.  All other competing dancers must be ready to perform at least one hour prior to their scheduled performance time.  If the competition is running ahead of schedule, dancers are expected to perform in order of the program and/or when called upon by the competition announcer.

Age Divisions

Mini 5 - 8yo, Junior 9 - 11yo, Teen 12 - 14yo, Senior 15 - 18yo

ALL AGES ARE AS OF JANUARY 1, 2024. Age Divisions are based on the average age of the dancers in each routine. To determine the average age of a routine, add all ages together and divide by the number of dancers in the routine. When averaging ages, drop the decimal point. It is the responsibility of the Studio to notify us of any age division discrepancies on the schedule. The average age of each entry cannot drop more than one (1) age division below the age of the oldest dancer in the entry. (For example: a routine contains dancers aging from 13-17. The entry may not compete younger than the Teen Division (one division younger than the oldest dancer-18). Routines are allowed to compete in an age category higher than the average age. Names and ages of all dancers must appear on the entry form or it will not be accepted. All competing dancers must be prepared to present proof of age should a question arise.


Competitive Level - Dancers who have three or more years of competition experience and/or take more than five instruction hours per week. Dancers competing in the Competitive level as a solo must remain in the Competitive Level for all other solo, duet/trio, and group routines performed at that competition.

Pre-Competitive Level - Dancers with one to two years of competition experience and/or less than five hours of instruction per week. Please note that it is not mandatory to enter the Pre-Competitive Level if you meet this requirement, you may also enter the Competitive Level. However, if a Duet/Trio or Group has one or more dancer(s) with one to two years of competition experience and/or more than five hours of instruction per week, the entry must be entered in the Competitive level.

For Line and Production pieces only, they can include dancers from BOTH Pre-Competitive and Competitive levels.

Levels are determined in advance by the Studio/Teachers based upon the above criteria, but may be altered by the judges on site, at which point the judges’ decision will be final. Please see our rules page for more information and details.

Other Rules

  • Just Dance Invitational reserves the right to cancel the competition if the minimum number of entries had not been met.  In the event of a competition cancellation all entry fees will be refunded.  Admission is free for competition participants and viewers.  Doors will open one hour prior to the competition beginning.

  • Overall ties will be broken by the highest Technique/Degree of Difficulty Score.

  • Contestants will be judged by a panel of judges selected by Just Dance Invitational.

  • All entries agree that the time, manner, and method of judging shall be solely within the discretion of the directors of Just Dance Invitational.  All decisions of the judges & directors are final.

  • Contestants and teacher by virtue of entering a Just Dance Invitational event give their permission and consent to the directors of Just Dance Invitational to use their images and photographs or appear in videos, social media, advertisements or any other electronic media for advertising, news or any other commercial use of our events.

  • ONLY Teachers and performers are allowed backstage.



For the safety of your dancers props are restricted to a maximum height of 8 feet.  Props must be set up and removed within a total time period of five minutes.  The use of baby powder, un-weighted helium balloons, glitter, aerosol, gels, water, paint, and anything that would affect the dancing surface is strictly prohibited; the floor must be in the same condition after each act that involves props.  The use of live animals, knives, weapons, fire or fog is prohibited.  Special lighting may not be used.  Prop storage is limited and props must be loaded in and out of the venue on the same day they will be used and cannot be store in the wings or backstage.  Anything left on the stage after a routine is the responsibility of that routine to be taken off.  Any routine not following the rules set forth will be subject to a deduction of points or disqualification at the directors’ discretion.



Just Dance Invitational has gone digital and will only accept music sent via your online registration account.  Music provided in any other fashion will not be accepted. 

Judging Criteria & Scholarship Awards

Each routine will be evaluated on the following four judging criteria:

  • Technique/Degree of Difficulty – 40 points total

  • Stage Presence, Age/Level Appropriateness – 25 points total

  • Execution/Control– 25 points total

  • Overall – 10 points total

There is a maximum of 100 points per judge for a total of 300 points. If a dance, costume, or music is deemed inappropriate for family viewing by the judging panel, it will be scored lower by judges. If a routine performing was choreographed by one of the judges, that judge will only critique and their scores will be dropped and replaced with the head judge’s scores. 

NEW THIS YEAR: All entries will be adjudicated by 3 qualified judges and will receive an award plaque. The JDI Award, Platinum, High Gold, Elite Silver, and Bronze awards will be presented based on the following combined scores:

The JDI Award: 285-300

Platinum: 275-284.9

High Gold: 265-274.9

Elite Silver: 250-264.9

Bronze: 200-249.9


The top 5 or 10 will be recognized for each category. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards will be given to the highest scoring Solo, Duo/Trio, Group, Line, and Production, in each of the Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior categories.

Soloists in the Competitive Level Only
$150 cash scholarships will be awarded to the highest scoring soloist in each age division in the Competitive Level, only if there are at least 10 unique soloists in that age division (the same dancer competing multiple solos, will only count as one). The second place soloist will be awarded $100 and third place will receive $75 in cash scholarships. Age divisions with less than 10 soloists will still be eligible for Award Certificates. 

Duo/Trio & All Groups in the Competitive Level Only
$150 cash scholarship will be awarded to one Duo/Trio, Small, Large Line/Production Group in each age division receiving the highest overall score, but only if there are at least 5 routines in that division. Some group types (small and large groups, duo/trios) may be combined to meet that minimum. Second place will be awarded $100 and third place will receive $75 in cash scholarships. Only Competitive Level routines are eligible for cash prizes. Age divisions with less than 5 entries will still be eligible for Award Certificates. This will be at the discretion of the Competition Director.

Award Certificates for Pre-Competitive Level
All routines that place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Pre-Competitive Level (or Competitive Level; in the event there are less than 10 or 5 unique entries in their age division) will receive Award Certificates to be used for our 2025 tour. Group types (small, large, line, production and duo/trios) with less than 3 entries in their age division will be combined. This will be at the discretion of the Competition Director.

1st Place - $75 Award Certificate

2nd Place- $50 Award Certificate

3rd Place- $25 Award Certificate

Solo Title

The highest scoring dancer in each age division that registered for title will receive recognition during our awards ceremony, a special certificate, and a $25 Award Certificate to be used in 2024. In order to qualify for title, dancer's need to score at least a 275.00.

JDI Studio Award

NEW THIS YEAR: One studio will be recognized at each event. To qualify for the Studio Award you must register at least 10 group routines and receive the highest average score of the weekend. 



Just Dance Invitational is a family friendly event.  Inappropriate behavior, language, or content will result in immediate disqualification or a point deduction and will be at the discretion of the Just Dance Invitational Director. Sportsmanlike behavior is expected at all times.  All areas of the competition venue are to be left in the same condition they were found in.  Food & Drink are not permitted backstage, in the audience, in the dressing rooms or any other areas designated by Just Dance Invitational.  Just Dance Invitational reserves the right to excuse any viewers or participants who do not comply.  Just Dance Invitational reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason deemed appropriate.   Just Dance Invitational is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.  Just Dance Invitational its promoters, employees, directors, principals and agents are not liable for any injury, damage, or loss that may be caused by any act or omission of them.

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