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Because it's about time dance competitions change.

Just Dance Invitational is a new kind of dance competition and you are invited to join us! At our competitions, rather than trophies Just Dance Invitational finds more value in providing complimentary workshop classes and awarding dancers with cash scholarships to be used towards college tuition or intensive programs. Our ultimate vision is to create a positive space to inspire, motivate and invest in the future of our dancers. By supporting these young artists, Just Dance Invitational aims to empower dancers to take over the world.


Sandra Statzell, the Executive Director of Just Dance Invitational grew up competing in national dance competitions throughout the country. Although she enjoyed and still cherishes the fond memories from her competition days, there was always one thing she wanted to change- the award system of these competitions. It was while she was attending college as a dance major that she began coming up with ideas to construct a dance competition that focused on awarding dancers with scholarships. 

After graduating with her BA in Dance, Sandra began Just Dance Invitational in 2015. Since then, we have continued to grow, expanding to new states and holding even more regional competitions than the year before. We are proud to be at the forefront of making a change within competitions. Join us and experience a dance competition unlike any other!

Sandra Statzell,
Executive Director
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